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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  February 17, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> thanks for joining us. wednesday morning at 9 o'clock. you know last night my husband said i recorded something on the dvr for you. you have to turn it on. i turned it on and it was a 30 second clip of david letterman and jimmy was on it talking about the snow. >> jimmy is hopping networks on us. >> right now he's out signing autographs but that was pretty cool. >> yes. absolutely. more snow? >> anything is too much right now, right? >> you're going to get in trouble. >> someone you will meet next week in the weather department, training on the computers that is. she already knows the weather stuff and we're watching snow
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on the radar and i have not found any camera shots but -- no big deal. >> that means the snow won't be a big deal. >> 9 o'clock, kids are in school, parents are going yes, finally. >> i was looking at this, every vacation should come dabbing with a 2 hour delay. >> let's do weather. the look at the radar. this is what megan is talking about. i mentioned snow, and i'll put a big fat question mark on the board too because nothing like what we had. maryland's most powerful doppler radar highlighting that yes there's been snow and it looked more impressive on the radar than the actual result but needless to say we had some west of columbia and western sections of highland county. you see this on the west side. mount airy had it and pushing back towards frederick and walkersville and maybe a light coat anything a few spots and otherwise this stuff not making it out farther to the south and
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east. want to show you this, we have been dry around around and we can switch over and so you annapolis where we are trying to get back in session at the harbor school and you may see sun and the parking lot filling up and yes i think the collective sigh from parents all across the state. right now 29, feels like 23. winds pushing about 12 miles an hour. a gusty wind today and a little blustery at times. we'll try to fight off the clouds for a break of sun but there's a chance of a snow shower as the high is approached. >> every morning we look at the top stories and this morning we start with baltimore city crews continuing to clear out the snow off the roads and look what they are finding. an even bigger problem perhaps potentially, potholes. we may have been jolted by a few because they're popping up all over the city. it happens every year but this winter it's particularly severe
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leaving the ever growing problems out on the roads. >> reporter: on the alameda in east baltimore, drivers try to dodge but often hit, a growing problem. >> like a sink hole here. i hit one this morning. young lady behind me hit one deeper than that. the front a-xle just popped unthe car. >> we have huge potholes so we're addressing those now. >> the baltimore department of transportation said dot knows the issues popping up underneath the snow as crews are working in sync with snow removal. a situation that often causes backups. traveling slow, and filling holes, a tedious job up and down baltimore city streets.
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>> roll from one to the next one. we'll be doing this all the way up to 12 midnight. >> every night until every hole is filled, a daunting job -- but oneness as a record snow leaves thousands of potholes yet another obstacle left for drivers from a bitter blast of winter. >> we want motorists to pack a lot of patience, exercise extreme caution, leave early and be prepared for the congestion. >> thank you. the city department of transportation says that citizens can also call 311. that's the number for city to report a pothole that they see. that way they can dispatch crews and hopefully fill it as soon as possible. >> city crews continue to dump truckloads of snow right into the inner harbor. it's an effort to get as much snow off of city streets as possible. if you have been in downtown baltimore you know why. the maryland department of the
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environment say that relatively clean snow removes -- removed from paved areas can be placed in bodies of water like the inner harbor and won't cause damage. the city raised a phase 2 emergency snow plan meaning that parking in designated snow emergency routes is now allowed pgh jury selection will begin in the trial of three people charged with starving a 1 years old boy to death. it was part of a religion us cult. the cult's leaders and her daughter are all accused of denying food and water to jevon thompson because he would not say amen after his meals. his mother was also part of the cult and fled guilty to child abuse resulting in death. prosecutors say that they may drop the charges against a 4th suspect. we'll keep you posted. teens wishing to use tanning beds in baltimore county will have to ask mom and dad for permission first. baltimore county council passed a bill requiring parents give
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written permission in person. tanning salons must post warnings about the dangers of tanning. howard county passed a bill late last year and this was the second time baltimore county council took up the issue. the governor makes a bid to keep more people in their homes and the governor took his case to the general assembly. we hear all about it. >> no one wants to lose their home. sonya bates didn't but when the single mother lost her job and fell behind the lender threatened to take it away. months later when she was a few hundred dollars short of catching up, they told her it was too late. >> they already told me because i was short about $300, that they were already going to foreclose on me and to expect a notice in the mail. >> reporter: the governor is calling upon the legislature to pass a bill to force lenders, banks and mortgage holders to meet with a home owner face to face, before they can put them
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out on the street. this bill would put home owners on an equal footing with what have been in many cases face less giant mortgage servicers that don't have the detennessee to pick up the phone before they go forward with the foreclosure and pull a family from their home. >> the state already requires lenders to give people 45 days notice before they can foreclose. now the lenders would have to prove they have done everything possible to work things out with the borrower and document it before they could close that door. >> these are hard working people, they wan to pay the mortgages and want to work it out but you can't get them on the phone. >> reporter: in the last few years since the crisis began mortgage relief counselors have helped 28 thousand home owners stay in their homes with temporary modifications, but less than 10 % of those same home owners get permanent relief. the governor is hoping through tougher standards people like sonya bates would have a better chance of holding onto life's
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biggest investment. >> if the house, senate and the delegates and reputation of the state passes this bill it may give me the means to negotiate with my bank. >> even if the general assembly passes the bill into law it's expected to be challenged in court. the proposed legislation would require the lender or the servicer of a loan to pay a $100 fee to pay for the costs of monitoring tougher standards. if you're a minority business owner and you're thinking about starting up a business there's a summer summit you should think about attending. we'll tell you about it coming up. we'll try to help you make your business more successful. we have all of the details coming up. with this package, you get fios internet, phone, and tv
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>> the minority business summit for example. in this economy it's critical for small minority business owners, women-owned businesses, to understand the rules especially in 2010. there are big names we're talking about. ron finny the president and ceo of vision marketing group. thanks for coming in. if somebody isn't familiar with what's going on this weekend what is the summit about? >> we sets up a platform where small businesses, women-owned and you can come and get the tools and resources to move the business forward and we think that in 2010, the world will completely change with financing, managing the cash flow, all of these issues that small businesses face. they can do joint ventures and
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really understand where the opportunities are here and around the country so we have national speakers on board. >> talk about the people who will be there. >> michael dyson part of the influence panel discussion friday, early gray from black and jeff johnson, patrick turner who is one of the largest developers in the state so we have allots ever great speakers, kathy hughes will give the keynote address for the woman of influence breakfast and randall picket the winner on the apprentice will give a keynote tomorrow night. >> that's great. >> ray louis, too? >> right. i can't forget that.
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>> specifically health care and energy are two growing areas and we'll have folks from mercy medical, the department of general services really come and talk about low lying opportunities. we think it's applicable this year which is probably not as much on the front burner in 2009. >> why do you think minorities and women really have to attend something like this and make themselves aware. is it more challenging. >> well this is really open for all business folks so if you're in business thinking about starting a business or have a service that could benefit small and minority enterprises i think you should be here. it's challenging for everyone but as i can attest to the, as a small business owner we have to work harder and have really all of the resources in our tool chest to understand and that's what we provide at this
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summit. >> what do you say. >> go to minority business summit .com, for more information or contact my office at 410-235-4427. extension 204 and we'll be at the baltimore hilton this thursday and friday. >> that's a great location. >> all of the information just there on the screen. if you missed it no worries. always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you come back and let us know how it went and we'll look at the pictures and everything. >> thanks. all right, kids heading back to school, just want to point out we have hit 80 inches here in baltimore. ranging us number one all time since 1883. by the way number two season 68 inches in the last decade. this came with two hits, the big storm in december bringing us the most snowy december on record with a little over 23
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inches and yes with the two blizzards this month we have 39.3 inches so far. how about that? the rest of the almanac shows us typically 26 in the morning and a high of 45 in the afternoon on this date. we still have thick snow pack and at least a foot of snow on the ground in most areas and we still have cold air in place. records range from 3 in 1958, we have not had that brutally overnight cold stuff, nothing like the warm stuff, 1976, bringing us high of 76 degrees. still 28 in baltimore and temperatures bumped up a bit in the past hour. wind chills blocking back, still near 20 or in the teens with stronger wind gusts and the winds could be gusting once again for today. we have the cold environment, the old storm rolled off the coast and we have had little disturbances and highlighted the light snow bands pushing through frederick. essentially the north westerly flow will take one more piece of energy, take it out of the great lakes and that is going to be responsible this
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afternoon for dragging in snow showers between 1 and maybe 4:00 o'clock. we could see flurries before that but that's the time i think is our best shot of getting some of this stuff to rotate through, a quick burst of snow could drop a quick coating on the ground. 37 degrees not expecting much of a problem on the roads. any no showers give way to partly cloudy sky tonight and settle back to 24 degrees so that minor melting, refreezing process continues and i'll try to push more of that melting for the rest of the week. the first in a string of four days, highs approaching 40. we'll check out the extended forecast in the next half-hour. i have seen the cheers off the other side of the studio. want to find out more go to line and check out the most powerful doppler radar. we heard from so many of you during the storm, i can't drive in this blizzard but my boss said i better get to work. the big question.
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you got stuck on your way here. >> i did. >> it's still a problem. >> it is. >> what are someone's rights about getting into work when weather can be a potential or a real danger. it was, we saw it. >> believe it or not actually you don't really have rights under the law in terms of you know being permitted to miss work. you know if your company is open, you have the responsibility to get in and they do have the right to dock your pay if you can't get in because of the snow. >> wow. >> even if there is a situation where in baltimore city, when something like that happens, is that an exception? i think unless it's an emergency. >> that's an interesting question. that's statute in pennsylvania where you're not allowed to fire somebody if they can't come into work because the roads have been closed. i think there's probably, you probably have a good legal defense in maryland if the roads have been closed but anything short of that, if your employer wants you to come in they can dock your pay if you
9:19 am
don't show up due to weather. >> the day of the storm we were on the air for 14 plus hours and this was a question we kept seeing online so we have a couple questions, do you mind answering them. >> no problem. >> somebody said my child's school is closed because of the weather. there's nobody to baby-sit. what do you do in that situation if you have to go to work and they can't go to school. >> these are all really difficult issues and there are companies that have leave policies you know that permit employees to take paid time off, you know on a sort of unscheduled basis in times like this. but in terms of the law they don't have to permit you to take unscheduled leave. >> so a lot of situations it almost seems like tough luck. you hope your employer is understanding but really by law they don't have to be. >> and that's the case. usually. i will say though that we represent many employers and most employers are much, much
9:20 am
kinder to their staff than what the law requires. >> we heard a lot of that to much we did have a lot of e- mails coming in from business owners who said i own a business. i would never want my employee driving out on this. you know if the postal service is shutting down we're shutting down, too. >> absolutely. that was our experience. many of our clients shut down. they allowed liberal leave and allowed people to take paid time off. you know they were understanding. this is an unusual weather event so -- >> so two questions that came in very similar from the viewers and one person said i couldn't get into work because the roads were so bad and another person said you know i couldn't do it, same reason, but they wanted to know a can my boss fire me or dock my pay. are both possibilities. >> unless there's been a legal shutting down of the roads, you can technically be fired and you can technically, they can dock your pay for that. they can dock your pay if you're an hourly employee and also even if you're an exempt employee. the one exception is if you're
9:21 am
an exempt employee and you take a partial day off, they can't dock you for that. they can only dock you for full days off. >> any suggestions? hopefully we won't see weather like that again. >> what i suggest, many companies now have paid time off and they're usually pretty generous amounts of paid time off and people should really, sometimes people just think of that as vacation time but it's also time that you save for emergencies like this. if you want to make sure you'll get paid if you can't get into work. make sure you save some of that paid time off for something unexpected like this snowstorm. >> personal days, something like that. >> yes. >> all right. where can people reach you. >> (inaudible). >> thanks for coming in. stuck in her driveway and she still made it in.
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stay with us this morning we'll tell you next some of the best high school artists displaying art work at the regional museum. it's amazing. we'll show you how they got the great opportunity but before we go to break we want to remind you if you're having a birthday or somebody in your family or a friend why not give them a shout out on the air. all information is right there on the screen.
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>> all right. we have a picture of the winner in this, and his art work. he's whether posing in the picture with his -- is that a painting? >> yes and it was all based on an exhibit we're having there at the museum on the, called from print to process, and it's always, always going to be around black history month but it's based on the mlk holiday. so, we're really excited. really excite today give students a chance to have their work shown in a professional gallery, hung by professional exhibitors so we're just excited to offer this to students a long with other
9:27 am
programs that we do there at the museum. >> his picture and i wish you could see a bigger shot of it and then really there's a deep message, about war -- i mean do you find a lot of these young kids really not only have the talent but a lot of thought goes into the art work. >> yes and it's amazing to see just what teenagers think about today and how different it is from when we think about civil and human rights in my era, okay, and what they think about now because their issues are a little different. they think about because of technology and because of the threats of drugs and other kinds of activities that affect their lives, just you have to come over and check out and we want everyone to come over and check out the art and it just is amazing there right now.
9:28 am
we have had an astounding response to it from the school systems, we have had, it's touring now and the people are requesting their work and at that show, travel out. so we're excited about it. also, we have a traveler's club of children who learn about the history and the actions so they can tell you about the art work that the, that they had at the museum. >> it's really incredible. how long is it going to be therefore people to see? >> well it closes february 28th. so it's been up, it will have been up six weeks by that time. so it's pretty exciting. >> all of the information is right there on the screen. write it down. we'll put it on the web sight. definitely support it because it's so interesting and really very inspiring so thanks so much for coming in. >> thanks for having me.
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>> stay with us. coming up next time to try to help you get back to work but you definitely mead to do some research before you do.
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no doubt about it. nobody like tests but for you women you need to listen up. they all involve time and a little effort every year thousands of women race for the
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cure. the first test women should get is the mammogram and should do regular self breast exams. a good time is in the shower after your cycle. >> during the cycle there can be changes to the fi-brocystic changes in the breast so after the cycle is the best time to do that. >> the next test is check for cholesterol. heart disease is the leading killer among women. for a simple blood test to check for good and bad cholesterol should be done once every five years starting when you're 20. women should also do a skin test, look for abnormal spots or moles that could signal skin cancer. women should visit a dermatologist starting at 18 and gets a skin exam every three years. the next test is usually thought of as a man's problem but women should get screened for colon cancer because it can affect them too. attest test can defect problems and the fifth and final test is the pap smear considered the most
9:34 am
effective cancer screening tool out there. >> >> that cancer rarely occurs if you get regular screenings with pap smears because they're able to pick up the signs in the test. if feels like 27, periodic flurries and snow showers could be strolling their way through. early to mid-afternoon, best chance of us getting snow showers, would be anywhere from noon to 1:00 o'clock to about
9:35 am
maybe 4, then the clouds try to settle out and we'll pull back into the lower 30s and one more cool night before we start warming things up for rest of the week. i know that will bring a smile to your face, we'll have that extended forecast in a bit. back to you. >> thanks. it's time to get you back to work and why not arm yourself with all of the right information as much as possible? there's nobody better to help you than joanie daniels, she's a regular guest on the show. thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure. >> you always have great advice. >> thank you. >> what is an informational interview. >> that's one you conduct when you're doing research and trying to get information about a job or an industry or a company that you're thinking about exploring as a profession for yourself. >> right. >> kind of sounds like a no brainer but there are great points you brought up, things you should do in the whole process. you want to start with them? >> go ahead. >> you said find people of interest. >> right. people who are of interest to either have the kind of job you think you want or people who
9:36 am
work for a company you think you'd like to work for or people who are employed in industries that could be a second career. >> is this not only for networking purposes but to learn more? >> it's both because hopefully as you learn more about the job you think you want to make a jump to you're making connections and contacts and those people will be part of the professional network. >> be professional. that's the best piece of advice. >> yes, even in the job interview you're making a first impression. you want to act professionally, dress that way, you want to appear on time, behave as if you're a professional already in the field. >> you say be courteous. >> because you're asking people who are already working for their time and information so you really are at their mercy. if they only have 20 minutes. thank you very much. for 20 minutes. if they can only talk to you on the phone that's great. thank you for the opportunity. it's not about what you want but how much time they're willing to give you. >> you said be prepared. >> yes because you should get
9:37 am
to know what are the questions you want to ask, what do you want to find out. how do they spend their day? you might want to write questions down about what they need today do to prepare for the job, how they spend their time and what they like and don't like because this is your opportunity to do the work and get information. >> would you say this is time to maybe practice what you want to say because sometimes you think you are prepared and you make the phone call and you get nervous. >> yes if you write down a few key points and if you practice you know how it sounds and it sounds precise, professional and polish. >> another one, take notes. >> there's nothing wrong with taking notes in an interview. it helps you keep track of the information as long as you're not writing down everything and asking them to stop talking so you can write things down and you wan something to refer back to so ask if it's okay or if they mind if you jot down a few key points. >> what about create and use an
9:38 am
outline. >> once you have met with the person as soon as possible, write down the outline of the things that they covered in the conversation because if you do a lot of these informational interviews it can get very importanting and you'll forget who said what and what they say about certain things and companies and you want to keep track of the information you're getting. >> and then you have it alright there if you need it. >> right. >> then you said write a thank you note. >> i know today it's so much easier to e-mail and texan just say thanks as long as i said thank you to the person isn't that enough but a formal written thank you note, just two or three lines quickly let's them know you appreciate it. the bottom line if you decide this is your industry or a job you wan to pursue this person could be part of your network and you could perhaps follow up with them and that's what you're wanting to do, find a way to keep connected. >> they always say it's who you know and the last thing, you say reflect. >> once you have collected all of the information, think about
9:39 am
it. think about it. is this really what i want to do. i thought this was interesting. some of the things they said make me wonder if i'm a good fit. do i want to go back to school, am i willing to pay my dues, what is the job market like. think about the information you're getting, it's not just meeting people but really getting the information and use thanksgiving to further your own career. >> >> always great to see you. >> i'll see you soon. >> thanks for coming in. stay with us. next, the 7 words you can't say on tv, could a potty mouth be good for you? a look at the science of swearing. and, are you trying to do better for your heart, lose weight? hey, crystal register from weg- man's is here telling you why taking half off your plate could save your life. okay, .
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>> there are seven words you can't say on television however when you're in pain or frustrated you need to express yourself. we took to the streets to see how many people understood the science of swearing. >> reporter: we know we shouldn't say them. the supreme court says they're too bad for tv.
9:43 am
but these people say -- (bleeping). >> my favorite one if you combine them with all sorts of words. >> reporter: curse words, swearing, whatever terminology you use the question remains, why do we say them? according to a research team in the uk, all of these words may serve a purpose. >> according to research using profanity may help to lessen pain. participants in the experiment placed their hands in ice water while repeating a favorite off color word or phrase. the spare men was al early -- altered to replace the foul language with words used to describe a table. >> believe me the words i'm thinking right now have nothing to do with tables. but, the profanity supposedly triggers a fight or flight mentality, hiking aggression, diminishing weakness and increasing the pain threshold.
9:44 am
>> reporter: while the research doesn't purport to be the final definitive authority as for the reasons behind the usage it does give a reason why this guy -- and this guy -- (bleeping out words) say such bad things with the same mouth they kiss their mothers with. >> just don't swear. stay with us. are you trying to eat healthier? we all are it seems but coming up why you may want to think about taking that plate and cut thanksgiving in half. [ male announcer ] still have cable?
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the new years resolutions never stop. you have mini-me today. >> yes, this is lindsey. >> you're off school today. >> yes. >> welcome. your mom is great. she has great nutrition tips and i understand you're the official taste tester so we'll get your opinion on all of this. we're talk being half plate. >> the message is half plate healthy. we found this is a simple secret. a lot of people can adapt this idea of filling half your plate with fruits and vegetables, the easiest step you can take to
9:48 am
eating better. >> can you give us an example? >> sure. right here, i don't know if we can zoom in enough to see this but the new message half plate healthy, you have a plate with spaghetti and meat balls, make sure the entire other half of the plate is salad, vegetables or fruit. if you're going back for seconds do it a second time. >> it's a good idea, too, because if you like the idea of a full plate then it looks you know -- it's a little diseasing because your plate is full but you have the half healthy stuff. >> yes and february is heart month so if you get all of the nutrients we know they're good for the heart and right now michelle o-ba-ma is working on this and it starts at home with the kids and so i brought a long the salad spinner and the berry bowl. these are tools so if you always have these on hand. you see it's easy to add vegetables salad and fruit to the other half of the plate if you can do it in a snap and these are tools kids can use.
9:49 am
she spun the salad and rinsed the berries and then i'm working on the other half of the plate. >> you said your daughters like to get involved in the kitchen. >> we do and we found the more you involve children the more likely they are to try something new even if it's just a taste that's what we're going for. multiple taste and they'll stick with it. >> is a recipe online, the vegetable stew. this is my other tip. start with a vegetable-based soup or bean-based soup, a c- hili, if you have the foundation of the meal vegetable based the half plate healthy will be a snap. so this is vegetable stew and my younger daughter and i were preparing this last night, oh can i help. sure come in, help. as we're making it she noticed look there's something from every color of the rainbow in there and sure enough, as we were adding the orange ya-ms,
9:50 am
red tomatoes, yellow peppers and green and raisins and lindsey comes a long and said let me try it and it was great. you start with that it's automatic. >> we're out of time but quickly, the $6 meals are great idea as prepared food, two vegetables sides, main protein, you have got the half plate and i would encourage folks to do this no matter where you are looking for the convenient if you're buying prepared foods or eating out at a restaurant we were talking about all of these -- asking for the vegetables. if they never show up on your plate you won't miss them. >> lindsey and crystal thanks for coming in. the web sight is abc 2 news .com ant recipe is right there, your recipe and again lindsey says it's delicious. she would know, she's 11, they're picketers pgh
9:51 am
>> my son eats broccoli every night. so i snuck in a green peep. true story, broccoli every night. 31 degrees in annapolis. the winds pushing about 12 miles an hour and we'll have occasional gusts making you feel blustery and we have added cloud cover and we have a full parking lot, many schools back into session the disturbance still lining up, snow bands coming off of lake erie and this one back to the southwest ohio, dayton, cincinnati, getting in on that and the other will carry the energy and we still have a shot squeezing out snow showers and nothing really bad expected. briefly drop a quick coating in some spots. this will be winter snow variety. 37 the temperatures and we turn partly cloudy overnight and we're cold again so any minor melting refreezing process at 24. check out the extended
9:52 am
forecast. the first of four days in a row with 40-degree temperatures. a-h-h, yes! thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. overnight lows the mid-20s and the storm next week trying to get a handle on this but it appears a different track from what we had gotten used to, needs -- means the possibility of a little bit of ice, freezing rain, sleet, then going to snow. again we'll get a handle on it. plan for something to get at us next week. remember you can catch us on abc 2 news .com and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] still have cable?
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winter storms have buried us and much of the country in snow but as we hear proponents of global warming say look at the cold facts. >> reporter: with snow and 49, in 49 states and the mid- atlantic struggling to dig out from back to back blizzards many americans are asking the same question. >> it's a perfectly reasonable question for people to be asking, since the planet is warming, if this is, why are we seeing the snow. >> scientists say the answers not so simple. climate change doesn't just mean warmer weather but also means more extreme weather.
9:56 am
>> under climate change we expect to see more extreme precipitation events and we're indeed seeing that this year so it is consist end. >> reporter: the film the day after tomorrow detected an extreme version of this phenomenon. it works like this. the planet warms, melting the polarize cap and putsing more water into the atmosphere, the el nino winds send rainstorms from the south and those winds meet frigid arctic air from the north and voila you have record snow fall. for many conservatives that comes from two suspicious sources, (inaudible) and the government. this year's massive snowfall in the nation's capitol broke a 110 years old record leaving many on capitol hill and across the nation wondering what global warming? >> breaking al gore's heart because of snow is also perrying his global warming theory. it's just another nail in the coffin with the whole global warming. >> the think most people agree with that now. >> the virginia republican party even put out this ad
9:57 am
attacking democrats for calling climate change a problem. most scientists want to stay out of the political debate. >> science is not partisan and it should not be partisan. >> reporter: but the skeptics maybe having an effect. support for government curbs on greenhouse gases dropped from 75 % last summer to 65 % in the latest abc news washington post poll. it's a sign many scientists say the debate on global warming generated more heat than enlightened. abc news, washington. >> i'm sure we'll hear more about that. >> there are so many things i could say that would get me in trouble. >> then don't. >> phil jones who was the head of the research unit in great britain told the times online there had been no appreciate able -- appreciate able warming on the planet for 25 years. there's stuff out there. take it as you want. talk to me online. i could get into much more detail. a little warm up the 40s the
9:58 am
next couple days. enjoy that.
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